Principal’s message

Jubilee-International-Pub31“EDUCATION IS THE MANIFESTATION OF A CHILD.” -Swami Vivekananda. I truly believe that every child is intelligent. Schools need to nurture them and make them a good citizen of the country. Every child goes through changes physically, mentally which has to be respected by all. Keeping that in our mind, in our school we counsel them to handle peer pressure, social pressure and the parents pressure which makes them self confident to face the education system.Every day is a learning process and children gain knowledge. Imparting good, holistic, logical education is the motto of each of our faculty members. School is like a wheel which is driven by a positive force called “optimistic” without caste, creed or gender discrimination. We serve our society with a beautiful service of education, come and be a part of our lovely system in JIPS.  Mrs. Kavitha B V – Principal – “God bless all of us”

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