Jubilee-International-Pubs9SCHOOL ETHOS “Let us all rejoice in our work”

School Aims Aims and Achievements School Ethos, Self Esteem and Personal Development

• To build the self esteem of the individual by praising and valuing achievements.
• To value creativity both within and beyond school.
• To create a school atmosphere that is both conducive to work and socially secure for all members of the school community.
• To encourage individuals to be independent, imaginative and resourceful.
• To value initiative and a sense that all have the potential to contribute.
• Within the limits of security, to make the school and establishment where as many individuals as possible feel included.
• To foster a sense of justice, self-discipline and personal responsibility.
• To equip individuals with the social and self-expressive skills for life in a society that needs co
-operative social and economic skills.
• To foster both a sense of self worth and tolerance and an appreciation of the worth and cultures of human beings in whatever environment or timescale.
Skills and Knowledge

• To equip children with the academic and social skills they need in everyday life.
• To equip special significance to literacy. The staff identifies this as a paramount need.
• To identify and cater for the needs of all children.
• To prepare for the next stage of education.
• To equip members of the school community with the skills and knowledge to enhance their current and future lives.
• To structure learning that most closely meets the needs of individuals.
• To have a clear vision of high standards and to strive to meet them.
• To provide a broad, balanced, relevant education that has diversity of content and learning methods.
• To foster enquiring minds that want to know more.

Our school aims to be a secure and welcoming environment that fosters progress, achievement, aspiration and the social skills to use abilities in a community. All members of our school community should look for opportunities to further our aims by example they set. So, we value rigorous academic standards and care and consideration.

The school values discipline in both work ethics and personal conduct and recognizes that a sense of justice and fairness is essential to this process. It recognizes that the promotion of a positive self image is the key to raising both academic and social standards. To that end though, we recognize that censure is also necessary. We regard praise as the key to achieving high personal standards.

This set of aims provides our school with a distinctive identity and strong sense of direction. It captures the essence of who we are and what we stand for and can be summed up in seven words:

Values, Learning, Breadth, Joy, Outdoors, Community and Character.

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